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Host & ASM Instance Name Mismatch (Again)

I’ve just installed 12c (I’m a little slow off the mark) and during the installation process I hit the screen below and thought, “That’s a good idea.”

Root Password 12c GI Install

However, near the end of the installation I noticed that the ASM instance numbers did not match up with the numeric identifiers in my hostnames as shown in the table below:

Hostname ASM Instance
c01db01 +ASM1
c01db02 +ASM3
c01db03 +ASM2

This looked familiar, but I still didn’t like it, so I addressed the issue by running -deconfig -force [-lastnode] on my database servers and then running manually in the order that matched the hostnames.

Moving VM Storage

Just a brief note to remind myself next time that this is very easy and just 3 commands…

All my VMs run on Logical Volumes (LV) created on the VM host. Every once in a while I want to move the storage for a VM from a particular Volume Group (VG) to another and doing so is very straightforward:

Create a new LV in the destination VG

lvcreate -L <requied size> -n <lv name> <path to vg>

Copy the original LV to the new LV

dd if=<path to original lv> of=<path to new lv> bs=4k

Note the use of 4k blocksize acheter cialis 20mg en france. The default is 512 bytes.

Update the VM configuration

virsh edit <vm name>