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UKOUG Tech13

I will be presenting on two topics at the UKOUG Tech13 conference in Manchester.

<a href="http://www cialis discount paris.tech13.ukoug.org/default.asp?p=10186&dlgact=shwprs&prs_prsid=8591&day_dayid=73″>Goodbye KVM… Hello KVM – Monday (2nd December) @ 16:50 in Exchange 7 (45 mins) – If you use virtualisation in your “home lab”, but have never considered KVM then this session is aimed at you.

Pitfalls, Pain and Pleasure with RAC Connectivity – Wednesday (4th December) @ 08:30 in Exchange 10 (45 mins) – If you plan to implement Fast Connection Failover (FCF) for your connection pools to 11gR2 databases then there are some valuable “lessons learnt” in this presentation. If you’ve already implemented FCF to 11gR2 databases there’s still probably a few useful points covered.

Hope to see you there.